With the advent of ridesharing services, many travelers are wondering where airport taxis stand. There are some benefits to ridesharing service, but the traditional airport taxi service can also be valuable. Here are some pros and cons to airport taxis compared to rideshare. 

Legal in Many More Places

Before you even consider using a ridesharing service for your next vacation, it's important to check your arrival and home airports to see what their policies are on ridesharing services. Some airports do not allow these services to pick up passengers at the airport. That would mean you either have to get picked up and dropped off outside the airport zone, or you have to put some risk on your driver and yourself in case the airport police should take an interest in you. 

Better for Planners

Airport taxi services are much more convenient for those who want to make absolutely sure they are going to be picked up at a certain time, such as business travelers or those traveling with small children. With an airport taxi, you can often book your transportation service online and have a driver waiting for you at a specific time. On the other hand, if you're relying on a ridesharing service, you may be left with the nasty surprise that there are no drivers available at that time and place. 

Potentially More Expensive

A taxi can be more expensive in some places. However, this isn't always the case; if you have many people and a lot of luggage, you may need to opt for a larger ridesharing vehicle, which could drive your prices up significantly. 

Potentially Fewer Mobile Options

One thing that many travelers like about ridesharing services is that you can simply open your phone when you get to the airport and call a ridesharing service that will come pick you up on the fly. With many traditional taxi services, you may still need to call a hotline or wait in line at the airport taxi stand. But this isn't always the case. Some taxi services are beginning to offer mobile apps that compete with the best ridesharing services. And you can also book many taxi services online, making it comparable to the cashless interface that travelers like in a ridesharing service. 

So, there is still a lot of debate about which service is best. Perhaps they simply appeal to different types of travelers, with those who prefer on-the-fly convenience opting for rideshare and those who prefer to have tighter control of their travels gravitating more towards taxi services.