Throwing a great party for a teenager is not always easy because you want to be sure that it is fun and appropriate at the same time. Many birthday party entertainment is geared toward younger children, such as clowns and magicians. When your child reaches twelve or thirteen, seeing a clown or magician at their birthday party may not be as entertaining as it would have been when they were four or five years old. If you are looking for a great party entertainment idea for your child's birthday party, consider a video game party bus. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about hiring a video game party bus.

Know How Many Kids Are Coming to the Party

The first thing you need to do is know how many children you plan to invite to the party. The bus will be equipped with big screen televisions lining the interior of the bus. Large panels fold up to create canopies over the televisions to ensure there are no glares on the screens while people play. Each television will be able to accommodate between two and four players, so knowing how many people are attending will let the bus rental company know how many controllers they need to have readily available at the party.

Know What Types of Games You Want Offered

Next, you need to talk to the party bus company about the games that you want available for the kids to play. You want to be sure that the games are appropriate for the age level that will be at the party. You do not want anything that overly gruesome or scary. All of the children's parents will have to sign a release form that gives the children permission to play the games, but knowing what their child will be playing will be important to most parents.

Provide Ample Play Time

When you are renting the party bus, you need to consider how long you want to rent it for. Preteens and teenagers can often play games for hours on end. You want to be sure to rent the bus for at least a few hours so that everyone has a chance to play the games.

Once the bus arrives, you need to be sure to provide everyone with chairs to sit in when playing the games. You may also want to have tables set up a little bit away from the bus so that people can watch the kids play and eat without risking anything getting on the controllers of the gaming systems.