If you own a bar, you may want to make sure that your customers are able to get home safely, even after they have been drinking. A great way to make sure everyone is as safe as they can be when they leave your bar is to contract a taxi company to send taxis to your bar on busy nights. The guide below walks you through a few things to take into consideration when contracting a taxi company to have taxis at your bar.

Establish How Many Taxis You Want Available

The first thing you need to talk to the company about is how many taxies you want to have at your business on a busy night. You do not want to have so many taxis that the taxi drivers are not able to all get fares, but also you do not want to have so few that not everyone who needs a ride can get one. Start with just a few taxies and increase the amount as needed over time. Be sure to let the company know what times you want the taxis to arrive, as well.

Offer to Let the Company Advertise in Your Bar

Offer to let the taxi company advertise their business in your bar. Have cards to hand out and allow them to place flyers on the back of the bathroom doors so that the arrangement is mutually beneficial for both of you. Allowing the company to advertise in your business will decrease the chances of someone using another company, which can boost business for the taxi company.

Determine if Discounted Rates Can Be Offered

When negotiating with the taxi company, see if they can offer discounted rates to your customers to make the rides more appealing to them. This will increase the number of people that take the cab rides, and decrease the chances of someone getting hurt on their way home from your bar. The company may be willing to offer a slight discount to your customers if you are able to ensure they will get more business by working with your bar. You could offer a trial basis for their services so that both you and they see that it is beneficial for your businesses.

Once you and the taxi company have reached an agreement, be sure to put it into writing. This ensures that both you and the company can look at the agreement whenever needed to ensure that everyone knows what their end of the deal is. It also allows you and the company to be held accountable for the contract. Contact a company like Taxi with Joe to set up a system like this for your bar.