We are presently living in an era where all of the baby boomers are entering their senior years. They have numerous infirmities and illnesses, as is often the case when you age. Then there are dozens of families that rely on other sources of transportation to get their children to school and daycare. Safe transportation is an absolute must. Do not forget about the "infirm," too, who without private sector resources might be left stuck at home. Here is how you can provide services that make a difference in the lives of these groups of people.

Licensed, Checked and Screened: Safe Transportation for Children

While some parents do not blink an eye about calling a cab for their kindergartner to ride home in, most other parents would be terrified that their children are riding with complete strangers. If you know and understand that feeling, then maybe you would like to offer safe transportation for children. A kids' cab service that only picks up and drops off kids is something that would be very successful, no matter where you live. Driving a cargo van full of kids from various locations also works. Just make sure that everyone who drives for you is licensed, has a thorough background check and is screened through the local and state police to prevent situations that would reflect quite badly on these types of owner operator jobs.

Safe Transportation for the Elderly and the Infirm

The other two groups, the elderly and the infirm, also need special transportation. Even though the adults in these groups are able to take a standard taxi, the problems arise when they are in wheelchairs, need assistance getting in and out of vehicles, or may have special travel needs while they are riding. Most taxi companies are not equipped to handle these special situations, and as such, they cannot provide services for these cross-sections of the population.

You will need special vehicles with ramps and lifts to help these customers get in and out of your vehicle, but it is a much-needed service in many communities where large numbers of elderly, ill and special needs people currently reside. Also, offering these unique transportation services at very affordable prices takes into consideration the limited monetary resources these people have, thus making your business a very popular one. If you have a background in nursing, that is also something you might want to use to promote this type of service, since your customers would feel more at ease and willing to ride with someone who can address their special needs.