If you need to be picked up from the airport, you have a couple of transportation service options, including ride share services and airport taxi companies. While there has been a lot of discussion about ride share options lately, there are several reasons why airport taxi services are still the best way to go. 

Greater Availability 

First of all, ride sharing services are only available at certain airports. If you are coming and going from two different airports, that means you need to look up the regulations for ride share at two different airports. Airport taxis offer a lot more convenience in that regard; you know that they will be able to pick you up legally from your arrival point. 

Better Planning Options

Airport taxi services also are a bit more predictable. When you're booking a ride on the fly from your ride sharing service, you can't be completely sure that there will be a car available in your area, and that they won't be operating on surge pricing at the time of your pickup. 

Because you can't be sure of the exact availability of cars in your area, it's harder to plan with other people and estimate your arrival times to your hotel or destination. On the other hand, if you book a ride with a friendly taxi services provider online before you arrive, they can be waiting for you at the curb. 

Greater Control of Your Time

Since there are several delays that can happen with ride sharing services (such as low availability, drivers that are far away, issues with locating the driver), these can affect how much control you have over your own time. 

Better Pickup Options

Many airports also have regulations about ride sharing services, so that they are only allowed to pick you up in certain designated areas. More often than not, this location isn't as convenient as simply stepping outside the terminal after you get to baggage claim. If you have a lot of luggage to take with you, this can be a big consideration. 

Greater Control of Your Vehicle

The final benefit of airport taxi services is that you get more control over your vehicle. While you may elect a standard sedan, you can also choose certain interior features such as bluetooth or TV availability. With a ride sharing service, the most you can often choose is the number of seats in the vehicle. For all of these reasons, airport taxis are still a smart pick. 

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