Private shore excursions provide tourists with a chance to see Rome in all its glory without having to compete with crowds of tourists. When booking a trip that includes private shore excursions, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. Here are a few things to consider before you embark on a private shore excursion.

Travel Time

Depending on your chosen destination, there will be some travel time involved from the coast. Your travel company should provide transportation for you, so be sure that it is included in your travel package. Air-conditioned buses are typical for this type of trip. If your private excursion is part of a larger group, you'll want to make sure that any bus provided will accommodate everyone you are traveling with. Remember that you might pass some points of interest along the way, so make a note of them as you head out for your excursion. You may be able to request a stop on your way back to the coastline.

Lunch Accommodations

Some private tour companies provide lunch reservations or accommodations during excursions, while others encourage you to explore different places to eat on your own. You'll want to know what the meal arrangements are in advance, and you'll also want to know how much time is allotted for lunch. If you will be choosing your own lunch destination, consider asking for suggestions. Your tour guides will likely be able to point out the closest locations and the ones that tend to have shorter waiting lists for seating.

Activity Level

It's a good idea to ask about the activity level of each excursion offered before making a decision. Walking tours through different sites in Rome can be challenging, particularly those that have you exploring ancient sites. Sidewalks aren't always as stable as they may be at home, and you may find that you become tired quickly. Your tour company should be able to give you a rough idea of how many miles each walking tour includes as well as what the terrain will be like. This can help you plan for which trips you want to take and which you might want to pass on.

As you look at different excursions, be sure you know what's included in the price. In some cases, you'll need extra Euros in your wallet to cover the cost of meals or tickets. Not every location will accept debit or credit cards, so knowing how much cash you will need in advance can help you plan your trip better. For more information, contact an excursion company like Rome Limousines