No matter where you live, you probably have access to dump truck services. As a private residence, seeing these services offered can bring about some questions. Take a look at some of the most common questions about dump truck drivers and services they provide that you may want to know. 

How much do dump truck drivers make and charge for services?

The salary of a dump truck driver can depend on several factors. If the driver does not own their own truck, they are likely paid a salary by the company who does own the truck to operate the vehicle and fulfill customer requests. Drivers who own their own truck naturally make more money. According to, dump truck drivers average about $19.36 per hour. How you will be charged for the services you need will depend on whether you hire a private contractor with their own truck or if you go with a big-name service provider. 

Is it better to hire someone who owns their own truck or a full-on service?

It really can depend on what you are having done and the availability of services in your area. If there is a service provider in your area that owns several trucks and employs several drivers, they may be able to offer a better rate for smaller jobs. However, if you have a larger job, it can be better to hire a private contractor who will bid the job as a whole and not by the hour. The upside to hiring a dump-truck service from a larger provider is they will most likely be fully insured, whereas that is not always the case with private contractors. 

What are some examples of services provided by dump truck drivers?

Dump truck services can pretty much help you haul any kind of material you can imagine. One of the most common reasons people hire a dump truck service is to deliver gravel to cover a driveway or work site. However, dump trucks can also be useful during projects like demolition or property cleanups, construction projects, pool installation to move removed soil from a dug hole, and many other things. 

Overall, having access to a dump truck service can be really beneficial even if you only own a private property and you are not a commercial property owner. If you would like to know more about dump truck services and drivers, reach out to a company in your area to gain insight.