Of all the ways you can get a ride from point A to point B now, private car service has got to be one of the best. There are things you get with this service that you just do not get with any other form of transportation. To get an idea of the best things you get as part of this transportation option, check out the following. 

1. No One Else Rides With You

If a rideshare driver wants to pick up a couple of extra passengers that are all headed in the same direction, he/she can do that. Taxi drivers can do that as well, and then they just have you ride in the front while the others ride in the back. It lacks privacy and a sense of safety and security when you have to squeeze into a vehicle with a bunch of other people you have never met before and do not know. If you take a private car, that is what it is--private. No one else but the driver rides with you. It is quiet, and if you want to converse on the phone in regards to personal matters or business, you can. 

2. You Feel Really Important

Everyone enjoys feeling like a VIP or a rock star once in a while. When you ride in the backseat of a private car, that is exactly what you feel like. The windows are often tinted for privacy, and the driver does not do chit-chat unless you are in the mood to converse. Some private car services will even leave bottled drinks in a cooler in the back for paying customers, and the occasional snack is handed to you. 

3. It Goes Where You Want to Go, No Matter What

Unlike rideshares and most taxis, private cars go where you want to go, regardless of the destination and/or distance. There is no haggling, no hidden fees, and no "black-outs" for areas where your driver will not take you. If the trip is a little longer, your driver may charge you a little extra, but it is worth it for the peace, quiet, and safety you receive. 

4. You Never Have to Drive Yourself

What a deal; you never have to drive yourself. In fact, if you nod off while riding, you will not cause an accident because you are not the one driving. If you had a mimosa or two at lunch, you are safe to be in the car because, again, you are not driving. The driver has all scenarios covered where it is better to be driven than to be driving.