Freelancing in many different career areas is possible now. Trucking is no exception. If you want to freelance as a trucker, it is entirely possible, plus you could potentially make a lot more money than you would working for a trucking company. If you own your own tractor and trailer, you can get started. Here is why you might be able to make more money freelancing. 

Two Words: Load Boards

There are apps for that; no joke. You can now download load board apps that tell you exactly what kinds of jobs are available for freelance truckers, where these jobs are located, and how much you will be paid for the completed job. You can be as picky-choosy as you want and even sort through the board options by filtering out the jobs that pay less than a certain amount or more than some specified amount. You can pick up jobs simply by tapping on "accept load" or "accept job" and then arranging to pick up the load on the date listed. Nobody contacts you; you contact them. Payment is either in the form of a check, or through digital payment options like Venmo or Paypal. 

Taxes Are Your Responsibility, and You Set Your Own Goals

When you freelance as a trucker (or any freelance job), you set your own goals. You know exactly how much work you need to do, how much money you need to make, and how much pay you need to earn. Keep in mind that you also have to pay your own taxes because freelancers are sole proprietors. 

Make as Much (or as Little!) as You Want

Maybe there is a month or two where you need a lot of cash. You can work around the clock, picking up loads from the jobs listed in the load board apps, and there are no restrictions because you are your own boss. You could pick up nearly every available job you are ready, able, and willing to work, and then get paid for it in a matter of hours/days. Maybe there is a few days where you are sick and cannot work. That is not a big deal, either, because nobody can fire you or write you up for not showing up to work. There is no punishment for taking a break away from work or not using the load boards for several days to several months. 

Get in touch with a company like My Virtual Fleet to learn more about your options.