If you are in the process of applying to or going to school for your CDL license, there are a few essential truths you need to understand about a career in trucking. All careers have challenges, and it is important to understand these challenges and job traits so you can successfully navigate them.

#1: Stress Is Normal and Manageable 

In a trucking job, a little stress is going to be a part of the job. You may get stressed out when looking for a delivery location or when it just doesn't seem like you can fit your truck into the spot or when traffic is really bad and you are running behind schedule. Some people may feel a little stressed about being far away from home.

Although there is a little stress in the job, it is all manageable stress. The key is to be someone who can handle little stressful moments with grace without freaking out. If you can't find a location, call your dispatch team. If you can't figure out how to fit your truck, get out and look at the situation. Traffic happens; stay calm and work your way through it.

The stress in a trucking job is completely manageable and is largely related to situational awareness.

#2: Communication Is Vital

Many people consider trucking to be a lone wolf sort of career, where you are out on your own on the road and don't need to talk to many people. The truth is, to succeed as a trucker, you need to have effective communication skills, as you are going to communicate with a variety of different people.

You will have a dispatcher you are going to need to work with and communicate about where you are on the road and what you are encountering so you can work together to get the load delivered.

When you deliver a load, you will need to communicate with whoever is on the receiving end for your customers. You will also need to communicate with the repair shop about any concerns you have with your truck.

#3: Growth Is Possible

Finally, it is important to understand that you can continue to grow in your career. You can work for different companies. You can earn endorsements that will allow you to carry different types of loads and pursue different types of jobs. You can funnel your experience as a driver and become a trucking instructor or work as a consultant for a trucking firm. There is a lot of room for growth in the trucking industry.

A trucking career will present you with a little stress, but it's stress that is situational and manageable. You are going to need to be able to communicate with a variety of people. Finally, a career in trucking offers a lot of opportunities for growth over time.

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