There are many advancements in the world of online business. There was a time when you would have to find a way to store your items in local storage. You would then have to handle most, if not all, of the shipping yourself once the items were ordered. Now, you have other options. One of those options is to sign on with an eCommerce warehousing service. Here are the benefits and reasons why you should consider this and how it can be ideal for your online business. 

Full Tracking

One of the leading benefits of using warehousing services is the ability to stay updated on the tracking and location of all your inventory. If someone buys inventory, returns inventory, or if inventory is pending transport, you can keep up with it all. The warehousing service will give you the tracking info and have logins to the system so you can check your tracking information at any time. This allows you to still keep up with your own inventory whenever you have customer issues. 

Secure Storage

The largest concern for many online business owners is having a safe and secure storage location. You need to know your products are safe and that no damage will happen to them. This can be difficult to do if you are the one handling everything. However, if you use a reputable warehousing service, you do not need to worry about your items. Your items are kept in a secure location that has security features as well as locked storage entrances. The items are kept in safe holding areas that protect against damage or theft. 

Clearancing Items

There will be times when you have items in stock for longer than you anticipated. This means you may want to clearance them off your books. This means knowing how many items you have, how long they have been in storage, and how many you can clearance out and still make a profit. Most of these questions can be answered by using a warehouse service. With many of the services, you can make changes to the inventory directly and notify the warehouse if there will be a possibility of increased sales and transport needs. 

If you want to upgrade your online business and shipping, contact an eCommerce warehousing service, such as Time-DC Thunderstone Logistics, near you. They can discuss your business and determine which of their services would be ideal for your eCommerce solutions. They can also discuss other options that you mind find suitable for your future business solutions.